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    Who Do You Think Is Better Graves Or Danzig.Who Ever You Think Is Better,Type It On This Discussion
    Oh jesus.
    Give the kid a break you assholes!

    I think Danzig and Michale are pretty much equal as far as the Misfits are concerned. Post Misfits I'd have to go with Mike. And Michale is the better singer of the two, but Glenn has that whole primal rage thing going for him.....they're both great at what they do.

    Zoli and Myke Hideous were both good with the Misfits as well. I'd rather see either one of them singing for the Misfits instead of Jerry.
    • CommentAuthorpjazz74
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    Zoli did do pretty good with them. I was not expecting that. Ignite has no sound like the Misfits, so I was worried.
    Lol. My sincerest apologies Travis. This is a hard one,while they were in the Misfits Graves defenitly sang better.but post misfits danzig really began to understand his voice and be able to sing atleast in the first 4 danzig albums. But since michale is in my opinion a better song writer (see Danzig 5-8) I'm gonna have to give it to him. Somebody should start the jerry only vs chud thread......
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009 edited
    this is ridiculous . both are amazing but to compare the two ? there both very different. i guess it depends who you ask. the younger generation seems to go for michale more while the older generation like me......... im only 31 which isnt old but the age range from teen to say ? mid 20's like michale more. i listened to my first misfits cd legacy of brutality when i was 15 and fell in love with danzig's music. i seeked out everything by him. you cant realy compare there work on the misfits. danzig's songs on the misfits were not all based on horror. all the michale (misfits) songs had that comic book feel to it. you realy cant compare the 2. im a huge fan of both but danzig wins by............... a whole lot
      CommentAuthor[D] Matyr
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009

    I think it's all musical preference. While I do like Danzig's material(from the Misfits to current), I do like Mike's stuff better. I'm more of a metalhead than anything so it would seem like newer Danzig would appeal to me more, while in truth Mike's stuff I prefer more. It's the most mellowing music and his voice stands out from the rest. Acoustic or not, Mike for me.


    Like havok138 said, it just depends on what era you grew up. But even I listened to the Misfits before Mike was a part of it, and soon as he joined them, I was all for Mike. He took a "should be dead" band and flipped it....


    I don't think Jerry is going to find anyone who can sing better than Glenn or Mike.

    i liked danzig and the misfits growing up in the mid 80's and dedicated all my time and money in my early years buying everything misfits and danzig was the shit!!!when i heard they were getting together again without danzig,it killed me to think of the fits with someone else,i bought american psycho for novelty reasons,just to add the cd to my collection thinking it would be horrable,then i started the transition to liking michale better,they broke up,then i followed him into the graves band era ,bought web of d and got it sighned too,on to gotham rd,on to solo,and ever since then its been mike!!!!!!!!!!!!fingers are tired now
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    dont want to change the topic of this thread. but jerry did a great thing by picking michale. lets hope he can seek out another talented vocalist so that we can enjoy some new misfits material.
      CommentAuthor[D] Matyr
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009

    I think Jerry just wants his voice heard now.

    This is a tough one. I like both Danzig and Michale. They're both great and I like their voices. Danzig's style is different from Michale. That's what makes Danzig unique. I say that that they are both unqiue and they are both great song writers. But I would rather see Michale singing for the Misfits again. Instead of Jerry Only. I agree Jerry won't find anyone that sings better than Glenn or Michale. If I had to pick out of the three I would pick Michale! When it comes down to the solo stuff Glenn and Michale are awesome. I have most of Danzig's solo stuff except for Samhain. I have most of Michale's solo stuff except for Web Of Dharma. Danzig and Michale rock!
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    have any of you ever asked your self the question ? would we ever know who michale graves was if jerry hadnt discovered him ? i bet there are other talented people out there who will never be given a oppurtunity
    I've posted a few times defending jerry. I've been thinking, even if he does put out a new album and it is the best fits record yet,will anybody here give it a chance? But im not totally sure if you can give jerry the credit for why we all know michale. He wanted to pick the best guy, it just so happens it was michale. but i do respect him for picking somebody of the opposite style of danzig.
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    good point alot of the horror punk bands try way too hard to have that danzig sound
    I'd love to see Jerry make an album. He really isn't that bad of a singer. He does kind of pale in comparison to the others though.
    • CommentAuthorp_juggalo
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    I prefer danzig when it comes to the misfits, because i like his style back then alot more then graves. but post misfits latley depends on my mood. Today id say danzig, tomarrow probably graves. I think if graves and danzig were not such great singers people would be more happy with jerry's vocals, I myself like him on project 1950, but hate his live vocals. oh, and graves is way better live then danzig because graves keeps the mic next to his mouth, danzig cant keep it next to his face so you cant always hear what he's singing.
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    so how would we have heard of michale ? if he wasnt discovered by jerry ? would he still have formed a band like gotham road ? would he still have gone the horror punk route ? he wasnt even familiar with the misifts when he tried out
    michale is so talented and original that theres a great chance he would have blown up without jerry,but jerry happened to discover him,right place and time,then again he might still be unknown,some of the best music in the world will never be discovered
    • CommentAuthorFX Graves
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    They're both excellent at what they do! Michale has an enormous potential as a songwriter, a signer and a guitar player; you can't deny this! Songs he did with the Misfits were f'n awesome! Then if you check out what Glenn did with the Misfits, you see that the songs are f'n great too.

    But for the 'post-misfits' thing, I say that Michale is doing the right thing. I don't know what Glenn is doing but I know what Mike is doing because I am interressed in his music. Graves got me with his acoustic songs... And usually, I'm the kind of guy who listen's to SOAD, Metallica of things like that! Michale is awesome and we will follow him and support him because we believe in his talent just like a million other people around the world.
    • CommentAuthorlordsatan
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    when you ask who is better with the misfits i could not pick one its just to close,if you ask who is the man now after misfits i have to go with graves im just not feellin glenns latest stuff its good but not great like mikes,back in the 90s danzig 1 2 3 and 4 where some great recordings but after those i have not been very impressed
    • CommentAuthorhavok138
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    danzig has had many great songs after danzig 4 . i guess only the hardcore fans can say that. check out the 2 disc collection
    Glenn's music legacy is spanning over 30 years from his days in the Misfits to his Danzig material. He has been a key catalyst in what we call today as horror music, as he has influenced alot of people. I used to make fun of Glenn and think he was a total joke, but that soon changed after his music grew on me and now I can't get enough of his music. Everything from Danzig I, Circle of Snakes, Blackacidevil, Walk Among Us to November Coming Fire.

    Mike on the other hand is also amazing. He was in the resurrected Misfits for only 5 or so years and he's only showed progress since his departure, while everyone else in the band seems to have gone astray of their true path of musicianship. He's showed us that he can sing punk, metal and ofcourse acoustic and only impress us with his constant flow of new material. It's been a decade since he left the Misfits, and he's written more material than any of the former Misfits members. I can only wait in anticipation for his next release.

    I say they are both amazing musicians in their own ways. If you want experience, obviously Glenn would win because of how long he's been in the business. Mike on the other hand in a music prodigy thats overflowing with originality and uniqueness.
    Sorry, i laughed. Just a topic that goes nowhere and usually ends up in an argument. However its extremely hard to compare the two. They are two different entities. I dig them both on all levels and everything they have done misfit-era and post.
    Hey, I laughed too. Goofy topic. Lots of responses though. I wonder if the OP (thats you MichaleGraves138) has anything to add? Don't let your thread die without knowing it's own father/mother!
    • CommentAuthorOrlok
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    Michale's voice is just so much more pleasant to listen to. Glenn's good too though, but except for Samhain and a few Danzig tracks, hes not done much great since the fits, in my oppinion. Plus Glenn seems to take himself way too seriously. Maybe its because the first Misfits album I got was Famous Monsters, but I'd have to say I do prefer Michale for Misfits and post Misfits. Dont get me wrong though, Danzig Misfits was fucking awesome too.
    This question again?
    Heres what ill say
    Theres no comparison there both very talented creative intellectual people
    If your referring to who was the better frontman for the misfits id say and lots would agree that graves had SO much more energy and presence onstage then glen
    • CommentAuthorp_juggalo
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    i think if jerry didnt discover graves he still would have made it at some level, but we pobably wouldnt have heard of him, or might not of given him a chance. I know i only gave him a chance because he was in the misfits. also he wouldnt be called michale graves, how weird would it be for him not to be called graves, it wouldnt take away from his music, but damn that would be weird. Im just know im thankfull he did join the misfits, because i own alot of kick ass music because of it.
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2009

    I think both of them suck.

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2009
    out of sippy cups!
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2009


    Danzigs about the size of a cup
    May need to get him a smaller one lol
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2009
    I'd say Michale just cos the first time I heard the misfits was with Danzig and I didnt think much to it, then later on I heard misfits with michale and thought it was amazing, i now love the danzig era but as it didnt make an ampression first time round its definately Michale for the win, as for Jerry I would love a new misfits record with him singing if its purely original tracks with the horror punk theme, I liked his voice on project 1950 n day the earth caught fire.
    i have to agree,i would like new material from(m25)...(jerry and friends)i loved project and hes got an awesome voice for that style,of course to compare hime to glen or mike is......crazy,but its a relatively cool thing goin on,just dont associate with caffy and dont call it the fits,cause its not,call it m25 or jerry and company
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2009
    how about having dez sing some tracks for the new album, would just be nice for a few more cds to be added to my collection
    • CommentAuthorcibm2009
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    Both are very good, but are very different, both sing good but Graves moves better in stage than Danzig, Danzig have more rage inside, personally I prefer Danzig era music and lyrics than Graves era, but now i prefer erry Only hahahahaha just kiddin
    • CommentAuthorAlf
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    Im a fan of both but in my opinion Danzig cannot be beat for stage presence, people who say mike has more energy and presence onstage need to watch some of the earth AD era perfomaces. Glenn was so intense, jumping into the crowd and screaming his lungs out and totally tearing shit up. Theres a live video of them doing wolfsblood live and...well...just check that out and say glenn didnt have equal or more energy than mike onstage. Im not not trying to take anything away from mike, after all i wouldnt be on this forum if i wasnt a fan but glenn takes it hands down.

    In terms of vocal style thats just personal opinion. they are both good and both very different. personaly i prefer glenn but mike does some stuff better than glenn and the other way round. I still think mike must be one of the only people that could have replaced glenn.

    Jerry only on the other hand sounds like a 50 year old dude who is constantly getting kicked in the scrotum.
    I enjoy both singers in Misfits. I personally enjoy Michale's vocal style in general. His solo projects are also killer. Hell, I got my wife into listening to Michale and she's become as big a fan as I am! I hope Michale can make his way down to Atlanta in a future tour.
    Who is better? I dont think I understand the question!

    Its sounds like one of those 'my dad is bigger than your dad' discussions.

    • CommentAuthorpjazz74
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    this discussion should be sunk. people keep hittin it though.
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    graves vs danzig?? i think danzig would win cos of all the weights he's been lifting, quite built, graves looks kinda small, but graves has speed on his side.
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009


    Har Har
    • CommentAuthorScream4me
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2009
    Graves. no contest, danzig is a d-bag. even my 57yr old father like Graves more. age has nothin to do with it.
    • CommentAuthorScream4me
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2009
    And Danzig is a midgit and midgits scare the shit outta me so defintley Michale takes the cake and i take Jessica Alba
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2009
    I don't think that Mike's much taller than Glenn
    i seen glen a few years ago and almost steped on him,glad i didnt,hes awesome and that would be trajic.he wouldv been cryin for his..... M O T H E R !!!
    • CommentAuthorGravesMetal
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2009 edited
    glenn is like 5'4. and judging by the times ive talked to graves, he's alittle higher than my shoulder.. so hes about 5'8 maybe?
    im 5'8 , graves is shorter than me , hes maybe 5'6...